Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What I did on my Summer Vacation

Did you ever have to write one of those essays? And try to sum up weeks of sunshine and fun in a page of words? Well, here I go.
Firstly, I didn’t mean to be away so long. But the days just rolled on, without writing a post, and then I saw on Claire’s blog the line under my blog said 5 weeks. Yikes ! had it really been, well yes it had.
Our vacation started with a mad dash out of St. Catharines to get to Portland for the Friday night sailing of the new ferry between Maine and Nova Scotia.
vacay2014 005
It was a lovely boat, the cleanest ferry I’ve ever been on. And nicest smelling. We splurged and took a cabin, so we had a good sleep and were ready to visit friends and family in Yarmouth when we rolled off in the morning.
Not too many banner headline moments, mostly just  being with people we love. A lot of sitting around talking, some swimming in clear cold lake water, a walk around town to see what’s new. And a trip to an antique store we hadn’t checked out last trip.
vacay2014 002
Tuesday we packed up and hit the road to Cape Breton. With a side detour in Avonport to a fabric store I have been following on Facebook and want to see. It lived up to expectations, and the service was above and beyond. When the clerks discovered I hadn’t found just the fabric I wanted, one of them went to her stash in the basement, found the colours I was lacking and cut it for me. Can't say enough about such wonderful people.
Once we got to Cape Breton there was more traveling. My husband and his brother left almost immediately to sail his boat from St. Peter’s to Sydney. This took two days. The second day my sister in law and I packed up and drove to Sydney to meet them. We timed it perfectly, driving into the yacht club just as they rounded the breakwater. The whole point of this exercise was to be ready to start a 6 day sailing race.
And for the next week that is what we did. Everyday was the start of a new race. Well, there was one day of rest, the third day. It is called Race the Cape and is only the second year they have done this.  It was a whole lot of fun.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Holiday Weekend

It is the first day of a holiday weekend here. Our Canada Day lands on Tuesday so everyone who can has booked off the Monday and is having a long, long weekend.  Due to our schedules, DH and I are not getting the full effect of this. He is on-call and has to keep his work phone on and actually answer it. I get the Sat & Sun but have to work Mon & Tues. What we did have on the agenda for today was the launch of our boat. Which happened bright and early this morning.100_3484
Bright being very appropriate, it was very sunny and we are both sorry we didn’t apply sunscreen. Here DH is getting everything set up. 100_3488

To get to us, the yard workers had to move trailers around first.

Then they pushed us on our trailer over to the big machine that lowers the boat into the water.
And before you know it, we are afloat. Motor on and over to the dock.

The rest of the day was spent on the fiddly bits of stuff that consume so much of boating. The sail isn’t even on yet! But just being there, on the water, was wonderful. 100_3521
Canada Goose pretending to be a Flamingo ( we weren’t fooled for a minute)

And now that feeling you get after a full day in the fresh air and sun is creeping in and some one, some where is having a really good fireworks. I’m too tired to even wonder where.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Quilt Canada

was wonderful, I’m so glad I went.  Only a few  pictures, too busy to get many. The class I took was so absorbing and fascinating I even forgot to eat the chocolates I took.

100_3470 This is the picture that was a thumbnail for the class signup.

Pretty awesome,right




This is more along the lines of what I am trying to make.

And so far this is what I have done.




The class did what I wanted and much more. I was just looking to learn how to foundation piece with freezer paper.  The teacher, Gail Garber, showed us how to design our projects rather than just copy hers. The whole first day we didn`t even touch the sewing machines.



Which were lovely, new Janome`s. A real treat. I was so early the first day I managed to snag a table with only one machine, thinking it would be helpful to have the room. It was but on the other hand, wasn`t very sociable and meant I didn`t get to know my classmates as much as if we had been elbow to elbow for two days.

The displays of quilts were a fantastic as might be expected for a national show, no pictures of course. I did get some of the vendor mall before  diving into the shopping. 20140611_072445

And best of all, I got to thank  Matt Sparrow, the longarm quilter who quilted the tops I sent for the Calgary Flood Relief last year. He was here with the APQS booth. It was almost like a celebrity sighting. The first time through the mall, I was so surprised to see him. I had to go back three times before he was free to approach, it was such a busy booth.

Definitely putting going to Quilt Canada on my list of things to do again.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Playing Hookey

Or whatever it is called. When summer was so close and school so boring, we would take off and play in the sunshine. Or at least in my memory, possibly it only happened once. Dear Hubby and I did it yesterday.  He had to pick up a part from a marine store almost two hours away, in Port Dover.  So we made a day of it. Starting by returning the items to the Quilting Bee and exchanging for what I really wanted, since it was on the route we were taking.
Dear Son came along, so he could get a look at this.  A power boat he is considering.

After the marine store, an obligatory stop at a local landmark hot-dog stand that DH remembered from summers he worked in the area.

And a Golden Glow drink. Some 
sort of orange soft drink, very refreshing.

Such a beautiful sunny day.  The streets were full of teens in summer gear, heading for the beach. Which in this little town is right at the end of the main street.

 Then on the way home we found this guy, and tried to take selfies with him.
Unfortunately the sun in my eyes didn't help matters

All in all a very successful day trip and an escape from the desk/phone for DH.


Monday, 2 June 2014

Spring Shop Hop Goodies

This weekend was the spring shop hop locally. For the past few years this has been a small affair as there have only been three shops locally. But they teamed up with three shops a little farther away and it seemed to be more traffic. I sure hope it worked for them. Personally, I still only shopped at the three locals, I just couldn’t fit an hour drive on the highway into our plans, and I wasn’t up to going it alone.
I went with a shopping list and managed to stick to it , mostly. And spaced it out so I was only at one shop per day.
The first one, called Bee  - Modern Fabrics. White on white and some black/white’s. A whole 4 metres of the white on white because I”m thinking of doing another Film at Five.
Each store had a free gift and a free pattern. Bee’s was a bamboo reusable shopping bag. (coincidently with their name on it).

Saturday I nipped over to the shop in my town, Kindred Spirits. Who give a nice new ruler as a gift and a neat chevron pattern. I went off the list there and picked up a flannel on the clearance rack that I thought would work for some backs I need. Plus two batiks that were on my list.

Qultng Bee And Sunday, we drove out to the farthest away. They give a nice pair of scissors. I picked up a few supplies there as well as fabric but will be returning some. The black and white I grabbed without looking closely and has a tan in it as well. And the pink thread that I grabbed without careful consideration turns out to be polyester intended to be embroidery or top-stitching,  I think, not the quilting thread I wanted.
And this is why the batiks and black & whites. Bonnie’s Jellybean Blast block from the vol.7 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine.
The full quilt is now on the cover of the latest edition of the magazine, so I pulled out the 100 blocks mag and started a test block with some of the batiks I was given for mother’s day. Love it, but the jelly roll didn’t have enough variety in the purple or yellow.
And what about the Kissing Fish pattern that I was making with them?
I have gotten this far with it. Just not loving it and decided to call it a day and put it together ( blocks aren't sticking very well to the new design wall). Using 4.5" HST for the edges. The original pattern called for a complicated two block arraignment, with squares sticking out the edges and then trimming them down, not happening. Just sewing the rows together on the diagonal.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Quilt Canada is coming,

and I am going. Hooray !

When I read on Quilter Kathy's blog post, back in March, that Quilt Canada was coming to Brock University I knew I had to go. Talk about close, that is right in my city barely 25 min. away. (No St. Catharines is not a big city but I am on the completely opposite side as the university ). There was no way all that quiltyness was coming here and I was missing out. As to how I missed hearing about it until March, I don’t  hang out with local quilters. Really. I’ve thought about going to the guild meeting and joining but somehow never get there.

Since I was so late registering, I figured I’d be best looking at the classes in mid-week, reasoning the most people would be coming on the weekend. And I wanted to find a class to learn something I’ve never tried before. So I’ve signed up for Gail Garber’s two day class  Goose is Loose. Flying geese in round, free form curves and freezer paper piecing. Sounds like a lot of fun.

There was some agonizing over which portable machine to take, since I have a selection now. The Featherweight would be the first choice but with the free form piecing, maybe the Singer 301 would be better. The slant needle giving more visibility. But the Kenmore 158.1450 in the rose covered case is so darn cute I wanted to show it off. Alas, turns out it is a moot point. Got an e-mail today with class details and right in 10 point arial the final word:

Sewing machines  – Sewing machines for Quilt Canada 2014 are very generously sponsored by Janome.  All classrooms will be set up by Janome and personal sewing machines will NOT be allowed.

Ah well, I guess I’ll suffer with the inconvenience of sewing on a brand new Janome 4120 QDC

Now to assemble the class supplies.  A shopping trip might be in the works for these items.

‘ 4” square ruler
‘ 1” by 6” or 1” by 12” transparent ruler
‘ 24” transparent ruler
‘ 24” or larger flexible curve
‘ 6” or 12” Add-a-Quarter ruler

‘ I do have a long ruler but not sure how long and can’t seem to find it right this minute  to check. And my square rulers are 6.5, 10.5, 12.5.  Okay, shopping trip to the Local Quilt Stores.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Belated Mother’s Day Greetings

I know you all had a good one because I read all the posts saying so. A wonderful time was had here also. Dear Hubby and Dear Son barbequed some delicious steaks and we sat in the backyard with his Mom and Dad ( and brother + wife). Very low key as I was working in the morning and pretty tired out. But a great time together and phone calls from the ones not able to attend.
For presents, pretty low key also. DH got me a new ink cartridge for the ink jet printer so I can print more fabric for the kaleidoscope stars. Plus he picked up a jelly roll of batiks that I wanted for the kissing fish quilt pattern. DS put up a new design wall for me.
Here are the first of the fish on the new wall.
010 The biggest quilting news this week was getting Jared Takes A Wife assembled. I was really happy to have the Accuquilt cutting all those sashings – 72 of them, 24 strips of WOF. 

I'm undecided about the borders right now so picking away on UFO’s. Like the borders for Easy Street. But while I was cutting all those strips, I thought “why not start that solids  bargello “. 009
One finish and two more started, that’s no way to get caught up.