Monday, 4 January 2016

Mystery Monday Linkup

What an exciting New Years Eve treat to have the final reveal of the mystery quilt. The only thing that could have made me happier would have been available to sew it up the next day. Unfortunately I was scheduled to work New Years Day so had to wait all day to get at the fabric and see what it made. But once I did, boy did I ever love the blocks. 

 I just put together enough to see the corner. I still have a bunch of units to complete. But definitely eager to get back at them. 

Mostly my week was spent working on these guys. I sewed the stars into quadrants and then sandwiched them to the backing. Given how big this is, I thought doing it this way would make the quilting easier. Then when they are all quilted I'll join them. 

 Another shot of the Allietare blocks. They are so gorgeous, I keep coming back to look at them. For sure they are not going to get sidelined and delegated to UFO.
 While working on getting the blocks together, I dug out another UFO. Back in the spring I started the 4-patch challenge with 1.5'' strips. Looking for something to make with them I picked  4-patch Revisited  from Adventures with Leaders and Enders . I've just been randomly picking away at them all year, not really paying much attention and even forgetting about them after the tumbler challenge started. They came to light again when moving stuff around my sewing room and I decided to give them more attention. 

It's been lots of fun finding colour combinations for these. I can't remember why I decided to use plaids for them other than I had a bunch of strips already to go. Some of the combo haven't been spectacular but I'm leaving them in anyway. 

So that's what I've been up to sewing wise. On the personal side I did get an exciting bit of news also on New Years Eve when we called our daughter in Nova Scotia. She and her fiance have finally set a date for their wedding. This July . . . Seven months from now.... ye gads. I don't know whether to be overjoyed or overwhelmed.
So going over to link up with Quiltville and look at everyone's  pretty quilts instead. 

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mystery Monday Link-up

I had a great post written for this week's link-up. Unfortunately I can't seem to load posts from Live Writer anymore. I've struggled for a whole day with password changes and settings but can't seem to find where the problem lies. So back to writing directly in blogger, which after the ease of Live Writer seems clunky and sparse.

I did a lot of cutting on Sunday to try and get caught up with clue 4. It turned out I  didn't have as much black in my stash as I had thought. So Saturday I took advantage of a Boxing day sale at my local quilt store and picked up some more.  I did put together a few units for clue 5 to see what they'll look like but haven't devoted much time on them yet.

Instead of Clue 5, I sewed my Big Star blocks together Monday. Our weather called for a storm to hit so I decided to open up the treadle and get some practice. We never did lose power although we did get some nasty white stuff all over the place and I got the sashing on all 4 units.
And got some of clue 4 sewn as the leaders and enders while doing this.
Now that I've gotten this re-written, off to link up with  Bonnie  and see what all the other mystery quilters are doing.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Catching up with the gang

I feel like one of the smallest kids, running as fast as possible but still not able to catch up with the rest of the gang ahead of them.  Well, that's what I feel like most years of the Quiltville mystery. Not so much this year. I have been keeping up ,mostly, with the clues. I just haven't been writing about it. 

A minor setback on clue two when I cut the pieces in rectangles instead of the trapezoids with the specialty rulers. But I recovered from that and still managed to use the triangles I had cut. By cutting of the pointed end, I could line them up on the rectangles and get the right shaped unit. 
I only had to un-sew a few, like the one at the bottom left, which came out a little askew. 

Getting a really interesting assortment of units, can't wait to see what is next. And to see what everyone else has been up to over at Quiltville

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Challenge update, week ??

yes, I’ve totally lost track of the challenge.  I did get a little done last week. I thought I could just finish the webbing of the rows and have something to post about.
Nope. Somehow I got some of the blocks turned the wrong way. I realized it wasn’t going together right and stopped to try and figure it out. And there it sits waiting for me to figure out what’s wrong.
2015-11-11 18.52.50
It’s a very busy pattern and the blocks go together in alternating alignment so tracing the fault requires some effort. And a place to lay it out. Right now it is spread out on my daughter’s bed waiting some attention.
Because my attention has been fully focused on the Quartrefoil quilt. A week of assembly line sewing got all the sub-units done and then  all 30 blocks.
2015-11-16 22.02.46

My mission right now is webbing them with the added sashing strips and cornerstones. Have been so single-minded on this goal I didn’t even get dressed yesterday. Which really came back to bite me when I realized at 5 pm. that it was the third Wednesday and guild night.  I could have scrambled and made it across the city in time but we are down to one car and hubby also had a meeting. So I went back to sewing and got another row done.  The Big Black Star quilt is getting it’s snowball corners trimmed and then will be ready to assemble.
So now to link up with  Jo and admit my lack of progress, again.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Challenge Update

I wish I had more to show for my week of sewing. Unfortunately my Holy Toledo top has been totally side-tracked. So much so,it didn’t even get unpacked from our trip. I have been sewing, just not on it.
Instead I have been working on two commissioned quilts. One of which I received the request while I was travelling and came with a deadline, first week of December. Yikes. 
The first one is a black and grey based on the MSQC’s tutorial for Big Star.
2015-10-28 13.55.26Nice big blocks, going together fast. I just need to cut more of the black corner squares to finish the rest of the blocks.
For the second one I went to Missouri Star's Youtube videos again for another big block that would sew up quickly.  And came up with the Quatrefoil pattern.  Here are the two test blocks I did to show the client what it will look like. 2015-10-30 23.46.08
White sashing goes between the rows,with a green cornerstone that makes the purple into a nine-patch and really looks cool.
When she contacted me for this, I was in N.S. and figured I could pick up the fabric at Mardens on  my way home. However, she didn’t get back to me with the colours until after I had already left Maine. So I took a chance and picked up a couple of yards of things I thought would work. Nope, the colours she came back with were green and purple and not florals. 
Now what to do with all this fabric??
2015-10-30 11.23.39
2015-10-30 11.23.07
2015-10-30 11.24.42
Now to link up with Jo over at the Country Junction and share my lack of progress. Which is the best part of this adventure, because it has allowed me to connect up with some great people and reconnect with retreaters from the fantastic Iowa retreat. It was so great to hear from them after last week’s post.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

is it week 3 already?

I think it is.  Apologies for accepting the challenge and then disappearing. We did a fall trip and for some reason that escapes me now (trying to pack light?) I neglected to bring my computer. The first Wednesday I tried to write a blog post on my phone. Why not, I thought, Bonnie does it all the time. Well, it was a lot harder than I thought to type in all that I wanted to say. Thus my silence. But I was working. Even though I ditched the computer, I packed my 301 and fabric. And I did pull it out and work.
The first part of our trip we went to a wedding in New Jersey. This involved staying in a hotel in Philadelphia. A very nice hotel with a very nice table for me to use.
2015-10-12 08.56.46
I got everything set up and organized and even got some sewing done. Then cousins descended upon us and we went off to socialize.
2015-10-11 14.18.31

Here we are all dressed up ready to leave. After all this time with a cell phone,   I still take terrible selfies

After the wedding ( which was so big almost all my pictures are the backs of the people in front of me) we hit the road for Nova Scotia to see our oldest daughter. She and her fiancĂ© had moved back to NS at the end of the summer and I wanted to see where they were living and be all motherly on them. The machine didn’t come out for the two days on the road but I did do some fabric acquisition at Mardens, one of our favourite stores to check out in Maine. More later on the fabric, this is supposed to be about the challenge UFO.
When we got to my husband’s brother’s house and settled into the guest room my wonderful sister-in-law pulled out a card table and chair for me to use and I was able to get a lot done.
2015-10-15 22.20.17

So much sew, that by the last night of our stay I had the top laid out and ready to web.  I had a little help with determining the correct block placement. 2015-10-19 15.42.51

I did manage a little more machine time after this picture before I had to pack  up and got the first three colums webbed together.
2015-10-19 16.43.29

Now to link up with Jo over at the Country Junction and report in.Come see what every one has done

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Drawn out of hibernation

Well, I wasn’t really hibernating, I was just busy with stuff like working  that didn’t seem too interesting and not worth writing about. But now Jo over at Jo’s Country Junction has toss out a challenge and I couldn’t resist joining in. For the third year, she has challenged us to finish a UFO before Bonnie releases the winter mystery on Black Friday.  The past two years I have participated by finishing up the mystery from the year before. However this year, I already have the mystery done. See it here.
So off to the bins stacked up around my sewing room to look for unfinished projects. It wasn’t hard to find some. I turned up 15 without even  bringing down the stacks of project boxes on the top shelves. 
Now how to pick just one.
I could just give them each a number and draw (or have hubby draw the lucky winner). Or work in order of most complete and so on down the line and hopefully finish more than one. That's probably what I'll choose to do.
Without further ado, here are the contenders:






I really wasn’t going to post all 15 pictures. These are the top contenders.  A wrinkle in this challenge is that for the next two weeks I will be on a road trip to the East Coast and back. We are off to a wedding in New Jersey this weekend and then hitting the road to Nova Scotia to see our daughter. So whatever I choose has to be portable. Hmm, decisions , decisions.  While I’m thinking it over, I’ll be linking up with Jo and see what everyone else is making.

P.S. The one labeled Star Splinter is actually called Star Splitter from Quiltmaker Mar/Apr2013